Welcome Aboard

I already have a blog.  But a lot of folks use the WordPress platform.  So I set up an account so I could use my gravitar.

If you are curious about me, please take a look at my blog.  If you aren’t curious enough to do that, but want a thumbnail sketch, here you go.

  • U.S. Marine (there is no such thing as former)
  • Husband
  • Father of four
  • Supporter of individual liberty; both the social and financial variants – one doesn’t exist without the other.
  • Eclectic musical tastes; 70s & 80s rock, jazz (Miles, Vince, Herbie, etc.), some country (Randy, George, etc), some metal, Jars of Clay (christian band), a smattering of other things, and very little pop.
  • Sci-fi geek.  Heinlein remains the gold standard.
  • Fantasy geek.  Tolkein remains the gold standard.
  • Moderate electronics/technology geek.
  • I’ve been online discussing things with folks for over 25 years.  I started out on RelayNet and similar amateur systems.
  • I make quilts.  There is a link on my blog if you are interested.

If I owned a time travel machine, I would do the world a favor by giving the collected works of F.A. Hayek, Milton Friedman, and Thomas Sowell to Karl Marx and Joseph Engels.  There would be 100 million fewer murder victims and billions fewer living in poverty as a result.  Of course, that assumes that they would be interested in facts that contradict their theories.  And yes, I get the paradox problem.  It’s my pipe-dream and I’ll keep it warm, safe, and dry.

The name for my blog is the same name I used before Blogger and the other services came along.  I used a small piece of software to auto-write the code.  I used CSS to format the thing and generally tweak the appearance.  It was a fun time.  The phrase “Dain Bramage” comes from an old Bill Cosby comedy routine.

Thanks for stopping by.